Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur

This article is on Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur.

What is an entrepreneur?

You probably think that you know what the answer is. Well, as an entrepreneur, are you getting the kind of results that you want to get?

Are you at the point where you are engaged in your achieved core desire and can truly say that you are successful?

You may not be the kind of person that wants to make $250k, or $100k, or $60k a year as an entrepreneur, but there are people that are and do.

The reason why you got in this industry is because you have seen successful entrepreneurs getting the kind of results you want to have. They also learned the answer to that question of…

…’what is an entrepreneur’ and therefore what it means to be a Successful Entrepreneur at it.

What I want you to do is apply this information you are going to get in this article, by first understanding that an entrepreneur is one that creates jobs/opportunities for other people and…

…builds a team.

So, a successful entrepreneur is one that successfully builds teams that are successful in getting results in your business.

If you know not what the success is that you want in your business, go to my blog called 3 Best Team Building Activities to Make Money for Entrepreneurs in your Business

In this blog, I am going to give you Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur.

Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur

  • The first idea is to look for the new people all the time, as you are team building, that are creating results.

Put them out in front all the time during team building events. This does a number of things like…

…it creates social proof as well as the fact that it will shut off rejection mechanisms when people see the new guy.

New blood is the life blood of every organization and the way you keep your organization alive is getting the furthest person down line that is the most excited and producing the most.

If you keep the same people out front all the time it creates an automatic sense that you can not succeed.

  • The next team building idea that will make you a successful entrepreneur is that people will change what they are doing if you change what they believe.

In contrast, people will not change what they are doing if you do not change what they believe.

People will always take different action if they believe different things and if they believe they can make more money, they can make more money.

Now, this business takes hard work, but if people believe something can happen effortlessly, they change what they are doing.

If you teach people what to do and they don’t believe that is going to work, it doesn’t matter, they wont do it.

When they believe that it will work, it doesn’t matter how they do it…..they’re going to do it. You have got to believe in your team and say it to them.

Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur

I heard a successful entrepreneur say that,

If someone believes they have the ability to do it and now is the time, excited about the company, products, teams and systems, they believe it’ll work if they do it, it doesn’t matter what you tell them to do. It’s irrelevant.

This leads to the third of the Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur which is changing the beliefs of people in your team.

  • One of the best ways to do this is using Counter Examples to change beliefs.

You have somebody that believes one thing, you give them a counter example of something else.

When you see a one legged, one armed, person, from no where you have every head of before,  walk across stage and get a check for $100k as an entrepreneur…..

in network marketing, direct sales, home business, internet company, affiliate marketing, etc…..

….you have to stop making excuses for you not getting results.

At one of the events in my business,  one of the team building activities was to hand out checks to people on stage.

We were handing out million dollar checks to people for their income and therr was a guy there that thought it was nonsense.

Then, we started handing out checks for $60k & $70k to tons of other people and the guy was then in awe.

He started to believe. Why? The reason is because $60k was his annual income at his regular job.

It was right around what he made, then he believed it. He couldn’t believe the bigger numbers, but when somebody else was making the same as his income through his regular job…..

but in this industry, then it was believable.

1.That’s why you bring in new people all the time

2.That’s why you have to believe in people.

3.That’s why you change people’s beliefs.

Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur

This blog is not just for information, but to help you get the kind of results you want to get.

What I want you to do is take these Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur and apply it to your team, to your business and your life.

People join you. Teambuilding is your goal and doing it successfully is what you will take action on and achieve.


Team Building Ideas that will make you a Successful Entrepreneur

Ian and Kim McGill
“Dedicated to God, Family and Life Success”

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