How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle

How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle

So either you do not know how to build a team at all as an Entrepreneur, or you do not know how to build a team to a point of success and it falls apart.

Believe it or not, these are the common problems that entrepreneurs have when you don’t know what you’re doing.

You have worked many jobs before and realized it was not for you anymore, so you became an entrepreneur.

You understood the true value of your skills and because you are a strategist, thinker and dreamer a Freedom Lifestyle is why you are here.

In this blog I’m going to tell you How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle, because at this point you have either not been able to build a team, or it’s fallen apart continually.

How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle

First you need to know and be aware of the traps in the industry:
1.You’re going to sponsor in your business and nobody on your team produces
2.You start to duplicate on your team, but not develop any leaders
3.You get leaders, but they leave because you become irritating as your life become unmanageable.

That is a called a TRAP.  It’s revolving and a continually cycle

These are things you do when you don’t know what you’re doing; if you don’t have systems and don’t know how to build an organization

The solution is that you have to go back to the beginning and look at what a key understand in yourself, because it is not company, the people, the economy, etc. fault….it’s a lack of understanding by you.

I know that may be harsh for some, but you are the kind of person that is in this for the right reasons and will be honest.  Honesty creates true success.

To go back to beginning and understand the solution you get in the blog, ask yourself these questions:

Why you got in the business, why you’re here, what you’re actually here to do,what you want and what you don’t want

To start building a successful team you have to know what you want and what you don’t want.

How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle

What you want is to:  doing what you want when you want. This is called a lifestyle and doing what you want when you want is a Freedom Lifestyle.

Understanding is that a freedom lifestyle is always tied to your Resources and your resources are Time and Money.

Time and Money combined together is a freedom lifestyle, so the question is,”Am I building my team in a way that its going to get worse when it works concerning my time as well as money?”

What we don’t want may be things like, a boss, or commuting, but  are your tires bald for all the home meetings you may be going to? Think about it.

This can result in Organizational burnout. It can be burn out for you and your team.

You need build a business while you have what you want and that means that you have to do it differently than what most people do.

It’s time to start setting  outcomes and right intentions that align with you. Do all this in a way that lines up with who you are, what you really want to achieve and what direction it’s aimed in

Be willing to challenge things you’ve been thinking and doing. Be willing to admit that some of the things you’ve been doing isn’t even in alignment with who you are.

If you do things within alignment with you, it’ll be within your ability to actually maintain an organization.

Don’t go through life and training aimlessly. If you’re looking for that one thing(outcome), you’ll learn it, do it and have the ability to achieve it.

How to start building a team that drives a Freedom Lifestyle

Ian and Kim McGill
“Dedicated to God, Family and Life Success”

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