How my favorite T.V. show can help you be successful

This blog is on How my favorite T.V. show can help you be successful.

My wife and I were watching this T.V.  show that we thought was the coolest thing for people like you that are going to be successful in business, online business, entrepreneurship….

…making it on your own terms and living the dreams that have.

The show is called STRONG

How my favorite T.V. show can help you be successful

The reason it’s called strong is because it’s about a competing between teams that are made up of a world class trainer and an individual who has dreams of being healthy, fit in what she does, having endurance and being ‘Strong’ in her life.

There are different teams that are paired together with the personal trainer. He trains her everyday, going through the routines every day on their own in personal training.

When that is done in the day, they actually compete in events and who comes not out on top in the working event, they have to go to what’s called the Elimination Tower.

The team who is not the winner, they are out of the competition. Money is up for grabs, up to $500,000 for them, even though in this business, individuals make $500,000 in their own online business.

This T.V. show is based on them being Strong.

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This is what my wife and I thought was cool was that, there was this team called the gray team and at the beginning they were getting hit with everything.

They were getting hit with everything, they were not winning competitions and they had to go to the Elimination Tower.

They got beat up  in that Elimination Tower, because it was so rough, but they won!

The next week there were more competitions. They did not win the competitions, they did not win the events and they had to go to Elimination Tower again.

They were going to have to go back to back!

How my favorite T.V. show can help you be successful

They were really, already, physically, getting beat up. The contestant was talking about how she couldn’t take it. Mentally, things were going wrong. Her trainer was getting hurt with possible injuries.

They didn’t know how they were going to make another week. They went and competed in the Elimination tower again….

….and they won again!

Something happened. Something clicked in their minds.

They had a mental break through. Now it’s been a while and now they are one of the Strongest teams in the competition. Because they had a break through in their minds….

….they are physically stronger; they have more endurance and you can see it physically and in their character that they are stronger in everything they’re doing because,

they had a mental break through. They broke through those barriers that were coming against about being the best.

Even though there were really injuries going on; they really…were tired; they really were going through the ringer, but whey they got that mental break through……

….every thing  every changed.

How my favorite T.V. show can help you be successful

For you and your business, get around people who are already successful in the type of industry you are in right now, or the industry you will get plugged into.

Tell yourself you can make. Have a mental break through. That is how you are going to make it through.

Have a mental break through when it comes to your business and what you are doing’

You can do it. You can make it.

If someone is successful your business and getting the kind of results you want, that means you can also be successful.

Have a mental break and you’ll be able to get the kind of results you want.


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