A Trip of a Lifetime for Young Adults

Dear Friends & Family,


Happy New Year! We hope all is well with you and your family. For the last several years, Kim and I have been involved at Lighthouse of the Valley, leading the young adults of Student Life Ministries. It has been a great experience helping inspire young people to make right choices and cultivate a relationship with God. We are very excited about this year and are looking forward to taking our young adults on a trip of a lifetime. We believe the experience of the vast number of young people converging in one arena who are passionate about God will be life-changing and will result in our young adults becoming a positive influence in our society.


Student Life Ministries is traveling to Indianapolis, IN to attend North American Youth Congress (NAYC) on 7/25/2017.  On this trip, some will experience a number of first impressions; such as, first-time flying, first-time out of state, and cultural diversities that open mindsets and give a sense of wonder and excitement about life and all it entails. The staff and students alike will be impacted by spiritual/personal growth and development strategies as well as fun-filled after-burner events. By making a contribution, you will help inspire our young adults to better their community and world. A trip of a Lifetime for Young adults.


We are very excited about this awesome opportunity, but it’s dependent upon your sponsorship. In order to donate, go to www.lighthouseofthevalley.org then click on “donate” and scroll down the page and “click here to give online”, or make check(s)/money order(s) payable to Lighthouse of the Valley by 7/1/2017. Please mark c/o Ian or Kim McGill (NAYC) in the memo section. Our mailing address is on the bottom of this page.


Lighthouse of the Valley is incorporated under the auspices of Stockton-Calvary Christian Center, Inc. (a tax-exempt, 501(c) (3) non-profit organization – E.I.N. 06-1700765).  No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your contribution. The benefit to you consists solely of what the IRS considers “intangible religious benefits”.


On behalf of the McGill family, thanks for your consideration, in supporting the Student Life Ministries for this trip of a lifetime for young adults. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Kim directly at 209-939-1951 or lhvalley.church@gmail.com.

A Trip of a Lifetime for Young Adults

Ian & Kim McGill
Student Life Staff

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