3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business

This article is 3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business.

“According to economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950), entrepreneurs are not necessarily motivated by profit but regard it as a standard for measuring achievement or success.”

You may look at this and think it means that entrepreneurs don’t want to make money…..,

….but that is 100% not what Mr. Schumpeter is saying in this information from Businessdirectory.com

When you first read it you were probably like, “…but I want to make money though!”  Well, that is the right mindset.

Now, if you’re not the kind of person to make money in this kind of business, you should definitely rethink what core desire you have that doesn’t require that you make money.

It is about the core desire of the entrepreneur, which their true self motivation is rapped around and the realization that money is the vehicle to your core desire being achieved.

I did a blog a little while ago about your core desire and if you want to learn more about creating your dream and get the kind of results you want, go to my blog Quick Business Guide: Creating Your Dreams

Now, a true entrepreneur, in layman’s terms, is someone who creates jobs, or opportunities for other people.

You will begin to build a team. Team building successfully is what successful entrepreneurs do to build and reach their dream lifestyle.

That is the bare bones principle and in this article I’m going to give you 3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business.


3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business

Successes in your team is built. It is built on the leader and there has to be a type of synergy in your team, or your organization and all team building activities.


  • The first of these 3 team building ideas is having Synergy.

Synergy is having an alignment of several things over a long period of time.

The success in your business and your team grows when you have One Vision, with you speaking it and teaching it long enough for it to catch through out your organization.

Stay consistent in your message for a long period of time; long enough to create unity.

Being constant involves you repeating something long enough for people to believe that it’ll actually work.

An entrepreneur by the name of David Wood has an organization that has paid out over $180 million in commissions to over 157 thousand(and counting) customers.

He has created multiple millionaires through affiliate status in his business organization and he said that,


“Momentum is created for unity from following a process from a large group of people doing a few simple things every day over a constant period of time.”

This is by synergy in your business organization and your team.


3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business


  • The second is team building ideas for successfully dealing with Distractions

What do you do when distraction come up in your organization which can keep people from making money?

the answer is, you do a  promotion that is louder than the distraction.  You do a promotion of your next corporate team building event, etc.

It’s best to understand that peoples attention will go where ever your energy is.

If something happens negative and you just start talking about it…

…you are not making sales in your organization. You are wasting your energy and if you keep talk about it, you can’t get rid of it.

When ever something happens, run a promotion and make the promotion louder than the distractions.

You go recruit a bunch of people and tell people about the promotion.

Don’t run around talking about the negative thing to everybody,  because it will stop your group from growing and…

…nobody will be making any money.


  • The third of the 3 team building ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business is the idea of using the law of the Lid.

The idea is that there is a lid on the growth of your organization.

If somebody were to ask you, What is Team Building, in this law of the lid the first thing they would need to understand is that…

Your team will only grow on the outside as big as they are on the inside and your team will grow only as big as you are.


3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business

You build a strong building with a strong chief cornerstone….You.

It will always fall back down to where you are sometime in the future and if you want to keep your team around and you want your team to grow,

you have to grow and you have to help them grow on the inside.

Do this  through culture, personal growth and development. If you’re not growing as a person, you will not keep good people around.

If they out grow you, they’re gone, so what you have to do is just be dreaming bigger all the time.

Now, this is not a difficult task, but fun stuff, like if they dream about a Ferrari, you dream about a bigger and better Ferrari.

This is just for an example…… or is it? This may be just what you need to start doing right now for your team.

Have something you’re aiming at that gets bigger and bigger all the time.


This will sum up what you need to do: Hit a goal, hit a bigger goal and commit to keeping yourself involved with learning things, projecting your self out into the future…

…in a bigger future, always sharing your vision talking about where you’re going that’s bigger than where you are now.


This blog is not just for information, but it is to help you and give you the solution to get the kind of results that you want.  Learn, apply and promote these 3 team building ideas for yourself and for the leaders in your team, so you, as entrepreneurs, will be successful in your business.


3 Team Building Ideas for Entrepreneurs to be successful in your business

Ian and Kim McGill
“Dedicated to God, Family and Life Success”

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