3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business

This article is the 3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business.

There are a lot of theories on a lot of different things concerning entrepreneurship, but unless the principles behind the theories are sound…..

….they are just a strategies and if the market changes(which it has and will again), your strategies may become obsolete and you will not make money.

I did an article a little while ago of the principle activities in building teams to make money and dream building was one of the activities. It was called 3 Best Team Building Activities to Make Money for Entrepreneurs in your Business. You can check it out here.

In this blog, though, you’re going to get the specifics on Dream Building itself, because it is one of the most significant and most effective ways to have success in getting  the kind of results you want…

…and the kind of results as an entrepreneur and in building teams.

What’s cool is that the process will be building you and bringing you more success in your personal results while simultaneously bringing success in your team.

If you haven’t seen it by now, or if you didn’t know it until this blog, Dream building to Success for Entrepreneurs will also involve successful teams.

By the end of this blog you will know your true function as an Entrepreneur.

When you read to the end of this article, you will know what it is that you do as a successful entrepreneur or what you are supposed to be doing, if….

…you are not getting the kind of results that you got in this business to get in the first place.

Learn these 3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business in this blog and get the kind of results you got in this business for.

3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business

  • The first secret that is used by successful entrepreneurs is that you need to have a dream that is in front of you all the time and always bigger than where you are…..at the time.

One of the things to understand is that your past does not define you, but it can only propel you to the greater things you are able to accomplish.

People in this business may get discouraged, but most of the time it is either because you do not have a dream, or you don’t believe in it anymore.

It is not always because you are doing something wrong, because how it is supposed to be is that when you have a dream and you are aiming for it….

…you just adjust your strategy, etc. and keep being motivated. You believe your dream.

It is when you stop believing in your dream and that you can get there, that you begin to get frustrated.

  • This leads to the second secret of successful entrepreneurs that understand that one of the easiest ways to get out of frustration, is to clarify where you’re going.

When you’re clear about where you’re going; when you can see it; when you believe it and you are aiming at it…

…your mind will start seeking ways of getting there.

You’re mind will stop seeing failure as such a bad thing when your vision’s clear. You will definitely be focused and you will be working hard, but….

…you will not be frustrated.

When you are dream building and you have a big dream and you start accomplishing things that are above normal for you, or your team, or just the normal person…..

…you’ll start to automatically shift people inside. This is because you’re demonstrating what people want to be and they see it.

3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business

When people and your team see it, they can not help but believe it and you can’t help but start believing in them.

  • This leads to the third secret of the 3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business which is when you start believing in them too, that is when you need to Remember where you came from.

In this industry, sometimes people get arrogant and that is a downfall.

Successful entrepreneurs, that have built successful businesses, teams and organizations have learned that secret.

When you remember where you came from and you remember that you probably came from lower
than those on your team….

….you have to believe in them and then it’s real. They will start to believe too.

When people start believing their dreams, they start to change their behavior in order to live their dreams.

This is what we do. We build dreams and live them by example

It is imperative when you can, that you live your dream. When you don’t allow yourself to live your dream, what you are saying to everyone  is…

…this is not worth it.

3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business

You need to do awesome stuff.  You don’t need to blow your money and go into debt, etc., but still do cool stuff.

It’s wisdom to live below your means and you should do so, but still do the cool stuff.

Do what it is that you dream about and be a dream builder.

I heard a successful entrepreneur say it this way:

“When you go to Bora Bora with your wife, or husband and you send an email to your list about it,…… …..they just join. ”

That is dream building. Build your dreams.

When you buy a Porsche….Cash…and put it on your social media and for your team, you are dream building.

When you design your dream house, or build your dream home and people see you finally doing it…

…that’s Dream Building.

You are now saying to people that you dare to dream and you give them permission to do it also. You give them permission to dream build.

When you buy your Maserati and your yacht, people that want that will look at it and say, “I want to start making money”

What ever your dreams and core desires are….when you live your dreams, other people start believing their dreams also.


3 Secrets to Dream Building to Success for Entrepreneurs in your business

Ian and Kim McGill
“Dedicated to God, Family and Life Success”

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